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Arranging Real Estate Financing for Income Property Investors

Silverthread Capital provides our customers -new and existing property owners- with the best available financing options for multi-family, commercial, special use and owner-user properties. Our know-how and our dedication to the important business of financing real estate compelled us to design our systems and processes to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

Please see our Track Record.

How do we do it? Because our originators are full time financing professionals who see dozens of opportunities yearly, who keep in touch with active and new lenders daily and, who are fully immersed in the business of financing income properties, they understand the broad strokes and the subtle nuances of lender’s programs. Silverthread’s reputation is important. Our professional originators have an aligned interest with borrowers to make sure properties are financed by the right lender, at the best terms in the right amount of time.

Our track record of closings makes the point. We deliver.

Keep in mind, for every financing assignment we take on and close, we literally see dozens more we do not pursue. This makes us acutely aware of the probabilities of success and share this knowledge with our customers. We’ve earned our reputation. Good reputation begets good relationships with our customers.

We take pride in catering to each individual borrowers’ needs, delivering best available financing options. And because of our experience and dedication throughout the years, we’ve seen lenders come and go and because of that, have a fantastic feel and factual basis in understanding and delivering the right lenders to our customers for each asset class in every turn of the cycle.

Our lending sources include the in-house programs of our majority owner and the programs of other relationship lenders we trust to get the job done for our customers.

If you are an owner of real estate, an investment sale broker or, real estate professional seeking financing, it’s worth contacting us to learn more about our capabilities and how we can serve you.


“Adam represented us in the exclusive sale of our asset valued at over $15 million, to our great satisfaction. All was handled in a very professional manner and Adam was a pleasure to work with.”

– Barbara S.

“Adam Petriella went above and beyond the call of duty in what I would normal expect from a broker. He was very patient and understanding and I would not hesitate in the future to pick up the phone and call Adam if I have a business question, regarding anything to do with selling, buying, or seeking a loan regarding property.”

– Gerard M.

“Recently we had the opportunity to refinance our property and chose Mr. Petriella to source the best financing for us. We feel very good that Adam’s maturity, professionalism and his team took very good care of us.”

– Nahil C.