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Adam J. Petriella worked in the luxury hotel business before a career in commercial real estate. At Cornell University and Manhattan College, he studied hospitality management and engineering. He originates and closes significant commercial real estate transactions, and recruits, trains, and coaches top-earning commercial real estate dealmakers. His experience ranges from cold-calling for listings to working within a renowned NYC-based alternative asset management firm where he runs a portfolio company. He enjoys mentoring and developing talent, and appreciates those mentors who helped him rise from his own humble beginnings.

Insider Tips, Tactics, and Ten-X Success

Millionaire Mortgage Broker is a no-kidding guide that sets you on the path of success, arranging loans for owners of investment properties like multi-family, retail, office, industrial, and hospitality assets. This book provides insights that can only be learned by doing, and the author did it! Best of all, he is sharing tips and ideas here and now as a way of giving back. He will help you avoid common misperceptions and pitfalls. He will give you specific step-by-step guidance and provide tools and templates you can use to kick-start your career. For a small investment, you will have valuable, lifelong knowledge. We hope you enjoy the journey!

“My family and I are property owners in New York City. I worked closely with Adam for several months this year, investigating commercial properties around the country. What a great experience! Adam listened carefully to our needs as a client.”

-James K., Ph.D. | Owner of substantial NYC multi-family properties

“Our company worked with Adam Petriella’s service in refinancing an apartment building. Adam was knowledgeable of all facets of real estate financing. We were lucky to have him on our team. Faced with obstacles that seemed insurmountable, Adam refused to give up until he found a way to get the deal done. Trust and ethics are rare commodities in the business world. Mr. Petriella possesses both.”

-Paul C. | Owner of substantial Los Angeles properties

“Adam was one of one of my first mentors many years ago, early in my commercial real estate career. His knowledge is matched by his willingness to share it; an extremely rare quality. Adam knows what he’s talking about and I guarantee you the wisdom and actionable details he shares with you in this book will have a powerfully positive impact on your success. I’ve done well in this business and to this day apply lessons learned from Adam’s mentoring.”

-Ken Hoff | President of Acquisitions and Partner,

“The author knows his audience, and it shows with plain-spoken words. The book has some ”inside baseball” talk and practical strategies laid out for the reader; instead of a bunch of theories and ideas. A lot of been there and did it history that I find intriguing for the sake of learning from mistakes.”


“After graduating college and starting my job search in the real estate industry, Adam was the first person to give me an opportunity to establish my career despite have little to no knowledge in commercial real estate. He took a risk and not only hired me, but personally invested his time to be my mentor and equip me with the resources that I needed to succeed. While working alongside Adam, I’ve personally witnessed his expertise, patience, ambition, and keen mentoring skills. Adam takes pride in sharing his personal and professional skills that he has amassed over the many years of his career to develop the skills of his students and team. After enrolling in Adam’s Silverthread University Course and purchasing his new book, I can personally vouch that Adam practices what he preaches. The lessons taught from his courses and book are directly from Adam’s lifelong experiences. I can attest that this book and Adam’s online course will bring you immense value.”

-Justin N. Henry, MBA, MSRE | CEO & Private Math Instructor at JNH Education Services

“Adam is a pro. He knows real estate as a real estate broker and on the mortgage side. This book pays for itself 100 times over starting on the first page.”

Bullseye Capital

“This book helped me improve my production. Easy read covering author’s early days of starvation then years of success up to 90s crash. contains lessons learned from running a high-octane commercial real estate sales operation, building out several successful offices including mentoring to success 6 of the top-earning agents in a 1500 agent company, before launching his own firm. His “blueprint for success” spoke to me and appreciated the tips that only an insider that has “been there, done that” would know. This is a practical how-to-in-the-trenches stuff shared by an experienced insider. No fluff. Highly recommend.”


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“I want people to read the book, not skip it because there are only 5 stars. If you’re new to this business this book is a must-read. If you’ve been around it will help clarify principles. It clearly lays out what you need to do to be successful, this is not a get rich quick career. It takes dedicated time and effort to succeed. Adam does a great job of explaining the process and the landscape of CRE financing.”

-Darren Pacheco

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