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If you are a real estate broker seeking additional fee-generating opportunities while serving your client’s needs, here is a value proposition worth listening to: 

#1. Use Silverthread Capital to finance your current commercial real estate listings when they sell. Be prepared to give a buyer a credible loan quote so there is NO GUESSING. Did you know that most buyers will make an offer, ‘tie up’ a property THEN go looking for financing? Don’t risk this happening to you. Be prepared and use us to help you. And when you work with us, you can be certain we are 100% transparent and work with you to qualify the borrower, solve problems and get the right financing.

#2. Use us to help you develop relations with commercial real estate owners who will not sell BUT will consider refinancing their existing property. Did you know that commercial real estate loans have a FIXED term of up to only 10 years?  Most borrowers have fixed loans for only 5 or 7 years. This means there are property owners in the market very frequently looking for financing. More frequently than they are in the market to sell their property. So, you have more chances to service the client through helping them seek best financing through Silverthread Capital. We can show you how to ask the right questions.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Silverthread Capital As Your Value-Add Financing Partner:

  1. It our goal to deliver the BEST financing alternatives from 200 + lenders we work with.
  2. We can relate to agents and brokers because we are just like you: servicing clients, building relationships and earning fees based upon success.
  3. Silverthread is independent of any sales, leasing or residential mortgage activity: We DO NOT COMPETE with you, we support you.
  4. We provide market knowledge and market updates and intelligence for you to share with your clients.
  5. 100% confidentiality and transparency. Your interests are #1 priority.
  6. Collectively, our team has closed thousands of commercial real estate financing assignments.
  7. Silverthread has a capability to arrange financing nationwide.
  8. We pay referral fees for commercial and multi-family (5+ Units) referrals.

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