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If you are seeking additional fee generating opportunities while serving your client’s needs, here is a value proposition worth listening to: Use Silverthread Capital, an established and successful intermediary, to finance your listings and to develop financing opportunities with owners who are not current sellers. We provide excellent direct loan programs, frictionless execution and superior customer service designed with middle-market entrepreneurial real estate owners in mind.

Today, more than ever, commercial real estate financing needs to be part of your toolkit. 

Market conditions are favorable for increased financing activity due to:

  • Increased Money Supply Looking for ‘Good Deals’
  • Cash-out Financing is Available
  • Growth of Alternative Lending Platforms for Credit-Challenged Borrowers
  • Billions of Dollars of Loans Coming Due this Year
  • Growing Investor Appetite for Income Properties
  • SBA Programs Have Become Very Attractive

Why now?

Because you are currently working with potential borrowers, diversifying your income stream is not that hard to do.

Because commercial real estate loans come due regularly, there is always demand for financing.

Why us?

A good commercial real estate intermediary adds tremendous value in sorting out alternatives. That’s Silverthread’s specialty: providing alternatives – including our direct and correspondent capabilities with over 200 lenders.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Silverthread Capital As Your Value-Add Financing Partner:

  1. It our goal to deliver the BEST financing alternatives from our in-house lending platform or the other 200 + lenders we work with.
  2. We can relate to you because we are just like you: servicing clients, building relationships and earning fees based upon success.
  3. Silverthread is independent of any sales, leasing or residential mortgage activity: We DO NOT COMPETE with you, we support you.
  4. We provide market knowledge and weekly market updates and intelligence for you to share with your clients.
  5. 100% confidentiality and transparency. Your interests are #1 priority.
  6. Collectively, our team has closed thousands of commercial real estate financing assignments.
  7. Silverthread has a capability to arrange financing nationwide.
  8. We pay referral fees for commercial and multi-family (5+ Units) referrals.
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